What Kind Of Weird Demands Do Escorts Get

Being an escort is not always about being overpaid for just hours of work; it can get very dangerous and weird sometimes. If you don’t perform background checks and vet the customers, you could possibly end up with some really weird ones. These weird ones will certainly want you to do unspeakable and despicable things to them; it can really be repulsive and gross. There is a great possibility that you will come across some creeps who want you to do some things that you can’t even speak about with another person. Here are some weird demands and requests that escorts have gotten from potential clients. These are short stories, narrated by escorts.

–    Once there was a really rich guy who approached me because he wanted to have rough sex with me tied to the bed, gagged up. He continued saying that he would cover the bed with $10 bills and that I could keep the whole thing. I thought about it, and it was certainly a hard offer to reject, (pun not intended). Long story short, he was actually a very attractive man who knew what he was doing in the bedroom, and I got to keep around $1500 worth of $10 bills. It was a great night, indeed.

–    I was once compelled by a young man who wanted to hire me because he wanted to have sex with me in a Harry Potter and then Game Of Thrones costume. He wanted to dress me up as Hermione and Daenerys. He said that he had the costume and the wig, etc. and that I just had to wear them and go to a hotel room with him, he actually offered me $1000 for the whole night. I contemplated about the offer and accepted it. I never thought that I would have so much fun dressed in costume and having sex at the same time. My guess is that his girlfriend didn’t let him do this with her. Men really are something.

–    There was one client who wanted me to constantly slap his testicles while we were performing oral sex on one another. He said that it turned him on and he actually had 2 continuous orgasms while in the act. It was an impressive and very strange act. All I could think of is that I have heard that, a man getting hit in that area is quite painful and that here is one guy who enjoys it.

–     I had a client who wanted me to have sex with him while he was being penetrated with a huge sex toy. He moaned so much that I had to slow down.